Who is he? Part 1.

Hi! Let me share some details about my son. I’m really proud of having him. Just a quick response, I bet you’re a bit confused on the information about me. 2 BOYS means, my one and only son and my boyfriend(can’t call him husband yet, because we’re not married.) I only have one! Haha!

Moving on, having a part 1 means, there’s a part 2! Or more!! 😀

It happens on the day, August 04 2010, around 11PM exactly. I was really tired because I don’t get any sleep, because of LABOR! FUCK THAT!! Haha!! It’s an intense endless pain all over my body. Especially my lower abdomen, feels like I have a dysmenorrhea. Then at the back of my lower abdomen, my tummy, distention. etc.. etc.. And around 10pm I called the Midwife, she gave birth to my son at my house! 😀

A first glimpse of my son, I was like a photographer every time I hold the phone. That night, 2hours passed before I saw him. The size of the crib beside me is tall, I don’t want to move because I’m afraid to move. LOL..

Then months passed, he was 2months old..

The best picture shot I ever had. Feels like an angel came to heaven. Agree with me? hehe 🙂

Photos I used for his tarpaulin on his Christening..

When he was 3months old. So gwapo neh~~! 😡

A shot when we go to Boracay! He’s just 4months old there. KAPITTTTTTT!!! hehe..

When he was 7 months!

I flooded my sons photos! Sorry! Here’s the part 1, part 2 next time! 😀 xiaooo. 😛

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