When is the Right Time to Ask Your Boss for a Promotion?


Contractualization is a major issue today in the economic and political scenes in the Philippines. This is because some corporations and companies are using this practice to terminate their workers before they get regularized. This way they will not have to pay for their government mandated benefits.

But not every company in the country is unjust. There are actually several companies who discourage this practice. In the end, employees are opting to stay in their businesses where their careers can grow and flourish in the form of a promotion. But when do you know it is the right time to ask your boss for one?

Well, the answer to that question is that there never really is a specific correct time for you to ask for one. There are too many factors you need to consider such as your own individual track record, your company’s financial resources, your department’s turnaround, and your chosen career path.

But, there are certain motivators that you can contemplate upon to know whether the timing to ask for a promotion is appropriate.


It is important for an employee to be properly motivated so they can have a strong performance in the workplace. Being bored in your current job title means you are not being challenged enough. It also means you need more tasks and responsibilities or harder ones for your boredom to go away. If you know you can handle that, then you are encouraged to ask for a promotion.


Remember that promotion may not always be the answer for your woes in the workplace, particularly if you feel dissatisfied. Think about it; a promotion will only lead you to a similar workload (to the one your current have) but with more responsibilities. It is doubtful you gain satisfaction that way. Instead of a promotion, consider looking for a more rewarding job title in other departments within your company.



Opportunities should never be wasted. If one presents itself to you through a promotion or an opening of a position that is above yours, then immediately offer your name for consideration. It is better for you to take advantage of the opportunity while you still can. After all, you never can tell the next time it might happen again.


It is only natural for you to aspire to climb from your current position to your ideal one. But you have to match these aspirations with your capabilities. Do not waste time asking for a promotion when you know that you have not spend enough time performing well in your job title now. Justify your promotion request by having a good performance history.


Wanting more practical benefits like money is understandable if you are asking your boss for a promotion. But you may want to reconsider it if this is the only reason you are looking for one. Consider asking for a raise instead if you want a higher salary than what you are currently getting. However if you really want a promotion as well, then be sure that you can back up your request with a good performance record on your current job title.


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Laurel Santos is a 24 year old grown up woman whose kid at heart. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer. She also manages a small pet shop inside their village. She loves traveling so much because she believes that one should not just die staying in without exploring the world.  She got a big heart for animals especially those stray dogs. Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about which is writing.

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