Valentine’s Day Makeup Look + Barbie – Diamond 3 Tones Grey!

Oh no, what did I miss?! I’m so sorry for not updating this blog. 🙁 If you read my tweets or my facebook updates you probably know, why I don’t update much! So this post will gonna be 2 in 1 post. lol sorry. So here we go!

This was from Uniqso I got this, last year it was December! This was together with my Hello Kitty BB Cream! (Read it if you haven’t!)

This is the Barbie – Diamond 3 Tones in Grey. Isn’t it look cute? There’s a shade of red too! 🙂 I didn’t expect to have that reddish shade. But if you will see that product, its just plain black, gray and white. haha!

Forgive me for this unprofessional photo haha! This photos are taken since December, forgive me Uniqso for just making this post just now. T^T

 Barbie Diamond - 3 Tones in Grey

And photos taken with the casing. 🙂 You can click the photo to make it larger.

KKCenterHK ES-A829 Lashes

Okay, me with some false eyelashes from KKCenterHk! 🙂 It look so natural right? I’ am loving this falsies! This is what I’m using everytime I have a new look to make or even when we have occasions here. You can see it here too on this post! Here.

Barbie – Diamond 3 Tones Grey
Diameter: 16.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Sold as: Price per piece/One Lens
Weight: 50gm/piece
Replacement period: 12months
Place of Origin: Korea

Colour and design:

5/5 It’s okay! I’m not disappointed with what I’ve picked with their store. It’s very good looking actually. So thumbs up for this!


5/5 I must say, it lasted over a day for me and its great! I used it last Christmas and from 12noon up to that night! Who would say no to this contact lens?!


4/5 Its not that big! You can see it on my photo, with and without the lenses. 🙂 And that’s what I really like about this, especially I’ am not that professional when it comes to big eye contact lenses which is I really don’t like. The size is good for me plus I can wear it anytime and anywhere! 🙂

Overall what I’ve like about this product is, I don’t need to use any eyedrops! Its so easy to use. Tip is don’t forget to check their solution! I’ve like to recommend this to contact lens lovers there! Barbie 3 Tones is a good one to have. 🙂

KKCenterHK ES-A829 Lashes 2

And here’s my Valentine’s Day Look! Yeah I know its late! 🙂 its dark brown and dark violet from BH Cosmetics palette. 🙂

Without flash.

Vain as ever! 🙂

Thanks for always supporting my blog! Will be changing my theme very very soon! Where in I can post larger photos!

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  • Reply Ish G. Maquera February 20, 2013 at 7:39 am

    Love the lenses on you… 🙂 Lenses really do make the overlook different and amazing 🙂

  • Reply Kai Grafia February 20, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    Wow sis! It does look pretty! :))))) Bagay na bagay with falsies and eye make :))

  • Reply jhen February 20, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    wow! Nice lenses. I have lenses too. But i don’t use it na. tinatamad na kasi akong gamitin. haha -_- very chic! 16.5mm? ang laki na nun aa. very dolly! 😀

    LINK EX?


  • Reply Stephanie Lee ♡ February 20, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    It looks like pink! :))) It looks good on you. I am also a contact lens user & hoping for more reviews about lens <3 Godbless!

  • Reply Bien Paola Lao September 2, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Nice Lenses =) Cute =)

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