The Sweet Truth About Bitter Melon

The Sweet Truth About Bitter Melon

Bitter melon or bitter gourd is a vegetable that if you’re not familiar with it now you should definitely start looking it up right now. It is more than your average vegetable, it has many health benefits from weight loss all the way to a sort of medicine for diabetes.

Bitter melons are not known for their flavor, as the name suggests they are very bitter. Incorporating this into your diet though may be worth you getting used to that flavor. You won’t believe what this bitter green has in store for you.

Bone Strength

The first thing you need in order to build strong bones is a lot of calcium and vitamin-K luckily bitter melon is a good source for both. Especially as you age your bones are at risk of getting weaker and to ailments such as osteoporosis. Adding a bit of bitter melon to your daily diet is a great way to strengthen your bones and keep you standing up right for a long time.

Type II Diabetes

If you know your family has a history of diabetes and in turn you’re probably at risk too, try to get ahead of it and start eating more bitter melon. This vegetable is known to held decrease blood glucose levels and that is key in managing your type II diabetes.

The bitter melon is able to metabolize carbohydrates you ingest at a faster rate meaning there is less fat stored in your body which is good for diabetes management as well.

Liver Detox

There is a study that states that bitter foods have the ability to naturally detoxify your liver, that’s where bitter melon steps in. The natural flavors of bitter melon can help clean your liver at the same time improve many other aspects of your digestive system. The Vitamin K in bitter melons also help prevent liver disease and the bleeding that comes with it,

Weight Loss

Bitter melon is very low on calories and the fact that there are so many nutrients that you can find in a serving of bitter melon Bitter melon also naturally keeps fatty tissues in check and you will be surprised how one serving can be very filling. By having bitter melon I your diet you are actually fulfilling most of your nutritional needs and at that you find yourself not needing to eat as much calories as usual.

Boost Your Immune System

A strong immune system is important if you want to keep yourself from illnesses and bitter melon may be the answer to your dilemma. The natural properties found in bitter melon is said to have strong anti-oxidant properties that are very good for your immune system.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to eat this vegetable raw, there are many ways to serve this vegetable. Some recipes even balance out the bitterness so that you don’t even have to taste it. Bitter melon is often passed over due to its taste. You should look into all the different ways to prepare it so that you too can benefit from the low calories, high amounts of nutrients and other health benefits it offers.

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