The Sunday Currently // 4

Hey guys! I’ am back for another “The Sunday Currently” post. Wow it took me almost 4 months to post again? Well a lot of things happened and I don’t like to share what happened back then. So today I’ll be posting my Sunday Currently! *drumrolls*

the sunday currently 4

FEELING absolutely great! You know I never felt this way again, I don’t know, it always gives me butterflies in my stomach whenever I got something that I want and here it is!

LOVING the whole new look of my blog! I was really waiting for this moment to have my new post! I think I’ am not the only one who’s doing this haha!

LISTENING to my cover songs that I’ve recorded way back 3 years ago! You should try to listen to it, and let me know! Haha! (on the sidebar) Please don’t tell me it wasn’t amazing, those covers are done once, so there are flat notes that I think you wouldn’t like. πŸ˜€

READING well I still haven’t reading anything at all. Well I think I’ am not a bookwork, instead what I like to read are tutorials.

WRITING of course this post! Kidding. Well I recently wrote, what me and my boyfriend have for the requirements. I’m planning to get a passport for ID purposes, and since he already have one, he just need to renew.

WATCHING we just recently watched Pewdiepie’s After Dawn a PS4 game, I was really disappointed and he’s like disappointed too haha! This game is all about your choices so you better get the right decision. (was it like the same in life?) LOL, we watched San Andreas, The Avengers: Age of Ultron (tho we watched it on cinema), Fight Club 1999.

SMELLING the nasty smell of my kitchen whenever I went there haha! To tell you honestly, if I did not go to market in the morning, I’ am REALLY lazy to do the chores in the house. So yes! I didn’t wash the plates since yesterday. πŸ˜€ Well it’s because we’re going out later.. and decided to eat outside.

WISHING that ShareASale won’t kick our ass out on their system! I just recently discovered that, any referrals from the Philippines are being declined. :s This worries me a lot, but then I have my secret weapon, so I’m not that worried at all. πŸ˜›

WANTING okay I’ve been wanting to fix my sleeping routine, because seriously I suck at it! I even drink ferrous sulfate, since I had my blood pressure of 80/60. HAHA! Talk about being anemic. :s

WAITING yes I’ve been waiting for Asus Zenfone Selfie to be released next week! Arghh, I want to dispose my current phone. Android phones never last than a year lol.

HOPING well, it’s been a month already and the school has not yet coming back to me, they told me they will call me. πŸ™

THINKING of getting the 3in1 washing machine today at Abenson, well I thought I can handle washing the clothes, but right now, that I got swamped with work. Oh gahd, I can’t give my time to do it. :3 talk about being lazy. πŸ˜€




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