The Sunday Currently // 3

the sunday currently 3

Can’t believe that my last post was 3 weeks ago! Okay I have many things to post on this blog. Like, colllective haul, reviews, unboxing. The heat is really unbearable that I’ve been in the room for almost 2 weeks!

FEELING excited on everything right now, gosh gonna do whatever it takes to make meself again back to the way it was. <3

LOVING the life we have right now, loving my soon to be husband. <3

LISTENING to Asian songs lately, especially One Day of The Rootless, my favorite One Piece Opening Song, when Portgas D. Ace died. And oh I love listening to Kara’s Lupin and SNSD’s Hoot. 😀

READING nothing this week, I opted to buy books before, but I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to read fictional stories. I want to read something about tips. Like a lifestyle upgrade, and the like.. if you have anything to share with me, please don’t hesitate. 🙂

WRITING this month’s expenses, can’t believe that I hit at least 3,000 pesos for our electricity bill, because of this heat! Gahhd!

SMELLING spaghetti, I cooked it earlier because its Fiesta here today, but I don’t feel it. Haha, people don’t even play anything here. We’re just the ones who’s making a loud noise on this street.

WISHING to reduce weight fast. LOL. No, but seriously.. it is ahaha

WANTING to get back the shape of my eyebrows way back before, damn I can’t do it anymore. 🙁

HOPING to be myself again, me and my partner talked about some things to each other, the ones that we lack.. in the relationship of ours. Didn’t notice that I’ve been working that I forgot to take time to be sweet.. 🙂

THINKING of making more and more of my juices! Can’t wait to share my collective haul this month! 🙂 I bought a slow juicer so you gonna have to wait for my post about it! 😀

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