The Sunday Currently // 2

the sunday currently 2


LISTENING – to any random songs right now, but the nursery rhymes that my son is playing, kept on playing on my head.. ~I’m a football rocker, I’m a football rocker, I’m a football rocker, and I rock at football..

THINKING – about the things I’m going to do at the end of the month, I can’t wait til this month ends.

SMELLING – Korean food, we had samgyupsal in the house while watching a Korean movie.

READING – I went to Book Sale today, to get something for me to read. I haven’t read anything and I’m planning to read the book I’ve got last 2013 about handling your money well.

WRITING – something on my BDJBox Planner, actually I got it as a diary. I don’t put anything there, except the things that happened in the past. Haha.

HOPING – that everything will be seriously fine with le boyfriend, the rescan results about his scrotum is not good. He will go to an operation soon.

WISHING – that my employers businesses will be always successful – if they are successful, I’ am too.

WEARING – a white shirt that I’ve got from WHATEVER/ “When the zombies come, I’m so tripping you!”

WANTING – to lose weight in 4 months, I have to maintain my weight if I want to conceive starting August this year. Hopefully, juicing, diet pill and exercise would be good for me.

LOVING – my life right now, but not what’s happening everyday, I actually hate it. I’m getting tired of this lifestyle. So yes, I’m planning to get books for reals.

NEEDING – a full body massage please? I’m soooo tired, my body needs a lot of pampering, can’t stand this heat! 🙁

FEELING – tired for the whole week, because I’ve been going out in the house, Friday for le boyfriend’s checkup, Saturday to rescan his ultrasound with the Radiologist, after that went to Robinson’s Place Malabon to have my bro in law’s graded eyeglasses. And today, we went to church to thank Him for another day, then went to a nearby mall just to check if I can get a replacement for the tip of my universal charger that I got from CDR-King last year. Then also this Saturday, I felt that my left hand is getting sore again. And I didn’t get my dogs to take their bath today..

What about you? What did you do this week?

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  • Reply lalalapatricia April 17, 2015 at 10:35 pm

    Of all? I WANT THAT BODY MASSAGE! Super i need or badly need it soon! Were opposite for the planner, its more on daily plans for me. So sobrang puno ung akin and it’s kind of relief once your see how productive your day week. Try it!

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