The Sunday Currently // 1

The Sunday Currently 1

Lately I’m in the mood to blog, but I don’t know how to start it haha! Recently, I’ve been stumbling personal blogs. I was really happy to read those kind of blogs, and how they even manage to share what they are doing. So yes, somehow I copied one of their ways 0n how do they share a post. So I will be posting more of this in the future.

FEELING so drained for this whole week, last week I didn’t get my salary from Elance, I supposed to get it last Saturday 3/28, but then the automatic payment didn’t get through. Told my employer what happened, and days gone by, I was feeling so uneasy til Friday morning, my employer sent a message that it was fixed and I already got my 2 week salary from him! So thankful. I have muscle cramps right now, I went to the market and brought over heavy kilos of what we need. I hate the eco bag I used, and now one of the veins on my left hand is sore. And it’s effin’ hurting whenever I tried to push or pull something off. And for our 2 day lenten rite “prusisyon”.

LOVING these fonts I’m getting at a new website. Really helps me a lot especially with my blog design orders. And of I’m going cray cray with these stock photos I’m getting, and the creative vectors. Ahhh~

LISTENING to OPM songs, Binibini by Brownman Revival is the best! 🙂

READING personal blogs lately, I don’t comment much but I’m always updated with my blogger friends posts. Teehee! And reading my daily emails is my life!

WRITING this post because I feel like it, especially that my last post was only an unboxing. And I’m writing on the notepad what are the titles of the next post.

SMELLING what I cooked yesterday, Chicken Pastel, currently my son is having lunch? 3:39PM, lol.

WISHING that this weather gets better fast! Though today is cloudy, probably because of the typhoon.

WANTING to buy a juicer for my dietary program. I need to reduce weight in 4 months, since I’m planning to conceive this year. When we went to a doctor for my boyfriend’s checkup, I weigh myself and oh gahd I’m 57.5 kg! Holy cow! When I was pregnant with my son I was only 50kg. Working at home can really make you fat. 😐 Though I checked my BMI and it says my weight is totally fine with my height. It’s just that my belly is really big now haha!

HOPING that my boyfriend gets well soon! If you are curious what’s happening to him it’s kind of complicated. 🙂

THINKING of going out today and have fun at the mall, but nah 2 days of nonstop walking, so we need a rest!

So what are you up to lately?

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  • Reply lalalapatricia April 6, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    I miss blog hopping too Dean. I’m hitting more on personal blogs too but i’m afraid maging personal blog ang fashion blog ko haha well sometimes you have to pause. And just share the simple daily life experiences than some other stuff. Check? Wait my new bf? Or ung dad ng baby mo? Hehe

    • Reply deann April 7, 2015 at 5:51 pm

      Haha! Siya parin loka, boyfriend since di pa naman kami kasal. 🙂 Iniwan ko narin ang mundo ng Beauty Blogging, etc. Masiyadong complicated na ang mundo nila, since puro inggitan at siraan ang nangyayari. Haha!

  • Reply Freyah April 8, 2015 at 2:41 am

    I was browing some ‘random’ personal blogs, nahihiya akong mag comment, prang di na ako nakak relate. Sa blog mo lang ata ako di nahiya nak. lol. 😛 Saw a lot of blogs doing TSC, I should start doing this noh? Pang dagdag weekly post. You should chika me about your new diet program if it works, badly need it to… x___x

    PS. I miss you/us girls :* <3


    • Reply deann April 8, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      Naku Mami! I missed you! Super di na tayo nakakapagusap hehe! Si Aisha na lang mostly nakakausap ko. Same tayo, nagbabasa lang ako, hindi sa nahihiya akong magcomment but, I intend not to comment na lang haha! Minsan ang haba ng sinabi ko, pero in the end I won’t even submit it haha! Blog ka din about this! Super namiss ko magpersonal blog, nainspire ako lately sa blog ni Helga haha! Though kahit naging kaaway natin siya before, pero she’s the one I’m looking up to right now when it comes to personal blogging. Super nakakainspire din yung mga posts niya. 🙂

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