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Meanwhile me and other bebigerls had a nonstop talk on our Group(Secret group on FB, now it’s not a secret, I’m talking about the visibility, LOL). Nuf said, then Aisha got a problem on her website theme. So I helped her nonstop hahahaha! Coz she was like crazy and I got septic. Then she wants the 2 column sidebar. Then I teased her, “Utuin mo muna ko beb yung maganda.” Then there it goes, I made a design which is not a design at all. HAHAHA! I just love font designs so I made it just like that. I used Bebi Mica’s logo on her nail design websites, for the colors. So it gets PINK and VIOLET. So the screenshot is here.

I was really excited to put the theme on Aisha’s website, so I asked her what’s her user and pw. Then yesterday night, I tweaked some codes again, even the Vertical Navigation, first I used 2 css type for the navigation but it’s really frustrating, so luckily today I chose to use jQuery and finally it’s now okay. I manage to add Post-Thumbnails too. Well tutorials and tips are really helpful, so don’t be lazy to read. 😛

The social icons are just a single image. Ever wonder how did I do that? Answer it! 😛
Sidebar is widget-ready. Suddenly Aisha doesn’t get used to it, I was like it’s widget-ready! Why u still editing on sidebar.php! hahahahahaha!
I even add an About-Author on each of her post. That’s a plugin! And it’s very easy to use. I might teach you how to do it. 😛
I made a banner also. How does it look like? You better visit her website now! AISHAKRISTINE.COM
And tell me how her website looks! 😛

Next Blog Makeover. and