September Update Week 1

What’s up guys, here’s a quick update of a personal post on this blog, I’ve been wanting to do this since the past months. And finally! I can post it now, I think this is just the way how people update their blog now, especially personal blogs on Tumblr. I will be doing this every week, starting every Monday. So I’m glad that this is the first week of this post! So yes, I will post the picture below, and each photo has their own story, that I will tell in bullets. 🙂

September Week 1 Post

Top photos left – right:

  • That’s one of my dogs named Koko, he was the second dog that we adopted. Currently I have 6 dogs as of the moment.
  • It was August 24, when we went to Quarry Bay its a restaurant near our place, and we’ve decided to go here instead of Causeway restaurant which is far from our place, I will make a post about this restaurant soon when we go there again. p.s/ this is a dimsum place, that sells dimsum food for the price of 45 pesos each between 9PM-11:30PM.
  • Romwe stuff, these are the last orders I have with my sponsor, my boyfriend told me that it’s been a long time since I’m getting clothes from Romwe. And would you believe that? I haven’t ordered since last month! That’s why I’m giving away my coupons, so you guys can try, but too bad I heard that Romwe doesn’t have their free shipping now, you have to pay $3.99.
  • The same day I got my romwe stuff, I have ordered these eyeglasses from Glasseslit, you can check my post about it here. The package arrived last August 8, and then I got it last August 28. I’m just piling up my notices here, since I live far away now from Postal Office. Not to worry if I pile them up with me, because I knew the officers there. Don’t have to worry about the tax. 😛
  • August 31, when I first made a Carbonara! I’ve been dying to try this, and yes I’ve been missing eating this one. So I tried looking for a Filipino recipe that I know, I just need to know the steps since I knew the ingredients. I used ham, instead of bacon.

Bottom photos left – right:

  • When the gloomy weather is here, of course you crave for something! I’ve decided to buy, boneless bangus tinapa, nilagang okra, pritong talong and with bagoong isda + kalamansi! It was really delicious! I really missed eating it!
  • The night I’ve took photos for my product reviews, and yes a selfie of course with my favorite eyeglasses. 🙂
  • I’ve launched my first reader of the month for this blog! Hooray! I hope you guys will support me. 🙂
  • The day I totally owned how to cook this bestseller dish from one of the 24 hours tapsilugan near our area! It’s a Beef Liver cooked in a butter, nestle cream and evaporated milk. 🙂
  • Since last week, I’m focusing on my son’s basic needs now, and this is his first time coloring a full page, I can’t believe he actually remembered what I told him, that when he colors something, it should not be out of the line, I was shocked when he finished that one page, not bad for a first timer, right? 🙂

That’s it, all photos took from my Instagram account. A short caption won’t tell the whole story, so I’ve decided to have this weekly update on this blog. Tell me if its cool! Lol, then I’m tagging you to do this as well! 🙂 This is a way, I can tell what’s happening around haha!


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  • Reply Rica September 8, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Very nice post, Ms. Deanne. You have 6 dogs?! Aw, namiss ko nung childhood days ko.. I have lots of dogs, di nga lang sila imported pero mahal na mahal ko yung mga yun. Gusto ko sana ulit mag-alaga ng dog, eh ang kaso, masyadong hyper mga anak ko baka makagat sila. Kaya puro pusa ang alaga namin.. At 10 pa sila. 😀 I really love your eyeglasses from Glasslit. Sana makabili din ako nyan. SOON! 🙂 anyway, maganda tong ginawa mo na to.. Can’t wait sa susunod na Update. 🙂 T.C

    • Reply Deann September 9, 2014 at 1:05 pm

      Di rin naman imported dogs ko, dumami na lang kasi ung girl kong dog nabuntis, nagkaroong sya ng 5 anak, I kept them all but 2 of them died. They were 7 lol, then nabawasan ng 2, naging 5, tapos nag-ampon ako ulit ng isa pa kaya naging 6 hehe. Dba mas nakakatakot ang pusa? Mga dogs ko naman disiplinado lahat hehe. It’s Glasseslit, yup super affordable e, tapos kapag nakabili kna sa kanila, by next year or yearly, may possibility ka makakuha ng free eyeglasses for your birthday, basta iupdate mo lang info mo sa system nila, or you can get half price nung eyeglasses. Amazing noh? 🙂 pero tip ko na lang din if you read my post about Glasseslit. Ask them na, i-ship through standard shipping lang, they use EMS kasi to send, baka mapunta yung package mo sa CMEC, which is nasa Pasay, super layo. 😛

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