Oh Hello Deann

Oh yes, I must be a goner. But ever since I have seen her blog, I got inspired to blog again. Welcome to another blog, yep it’s me again. I hope this time, I will get to blog like the old times.

On this blog you will only see more about personal and lifestyle. I’m not sure if I’m going to share some beauty product reviews, but maybe more on reviews perhaps.

About the domain, why Hello Deann? I’m not sure, since I’m a so-called web designer I was thinking of designing the name itself. It was supposedly, Hey Its Deann. Did you get the idea? Lol. Yesterday before I went to sleep, I was exaggerate to buy the domain, I even search for these domain name generators, but none of them can’t help me. There are many domains I was thinking about, but I get to pick at least three:

  1. HeyItsDeann.com
  2. HelloDeann.com
  3. DeannSpeaks.com

There they are, I was thinking of DeannStyles.com too but my boyfriend said, it doesn’t rhyme with my name. So I crossed it out, though I think it’s cool. Hehe!

About the theme, this one is responsive, 2 column theme, but I’ve decided to use the full width of this blog, since I have nothing to add as of the moment. And since I’m a so-called web designer, I get to tweak and add a widget footer sidebar at the bottom, that’s why you are seeing my Instagram photos. This one is temporary btw, but I don’t know when will I make room for another theme. Since I’ve been addicting on buying premium themes now, which I will offer to my WordPress clients someday. :3



I currently have two long term jobs. I’m happy because they are both nice! The first one was my employer since last year, and on April it will be my first year with him, he is from Hongkong. While the other one was from California, he took me in on his company last month. I have many things to share on this blog, but of course I can’t tell it like hell you will read them all haha! Let’s do a bullet list of what happened since 2015 came.

  • I also got a job as a Content Writer, I just wrote introduction and rewrite, also I did a tutorial on some WordPress tricks. 😉 (update: the employer stopped communicating with me after 2 weeks of writing, don’t worry I got the payment.)
  • Last 2 weeks, a guy from Aussie added me on Skype, asking if I’m available to work for him as a VA with graphic design skills. He said he can’t contact me directly on Elance, so he tried searching my username “chimiyuki” and found me on Skype. Lol. (that’s why sticking to a single username is a great way of contacting people) hehe. All work is about graphic designs, I got to work on 2 fitness posters. It must be weekly, but since I’m busy with only one desktop to use, we talked about that I will do artworks only, and will be paid hourly which is $20AUD per hour. And besides, I’m generating sales on his end as well. So far I got 3 sales this month. Each sale is $40. 🙂
  • Last week as well, my employer last year from Aussie, contacted me to work for him again, let me find an eCommerce theme for their online shop and made me do some logo for their company.
  • And my employer from Nepal, asked me to rebrand one website for him. It only took me 1hour to complete that. And he paid me $40 + my one hour work! Lol! So nice!

As of the moment we are renovating the house we are renting. Last 2 weeks, I bought a gaming computer, so the old desktop we have here, is what I will use for my work and so I can do design freely. Since the other one doesn’t require me to login on Elance anymore. I can now work on them both. 🙂 I also got my laptop fixed since its screen got broken last year, it costs me 4.4k, I also added 4gb memory for my laptop too. Then bought a computer table for the new desktop. I’m also planning to buy my table that I saw on Puregold Monumento this week. So I can have my work station. I can’t wait to change everything on this house! Adding a lot of stuff and buying furniture/appliances. 🙂

Yes ever since 2015 came, it must be a good year to start! So goodluck to everyone! I will regularly update this blog. 🙂



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