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Menow Kissproof Review, Complete Swatches 1-19, 19 shades

Hi guys! Wow it’s beeeeeen a long time since I posted something on my blog. I decided to review these lipsticks because everyone talks about it a lot! And so I’ve decided to complete all the shades and post the swatches here on the blog.

Let’s get started.

I started to complete them last December, I got 5 shades first and oh boy I said WOW!  It claim itself as Kissproof and therefore it is really kiss proof! Even when you scrub it with your fingers, it won’t budge at all!

I’m not being sarcastic, but really, every girls should try this even your mothers, aunts, grandmas, there are total of 19 shades and you can choose from nude-pink-red-oranges.

Hello Deann menow kissproof shades, review, box expiration

So this is the box and you can check the manufactured date and its expiration date, cool isn’t it? 🙂 And yes they are MADE IN CHINA! There are no fake ones of these so, I assure you that this lipstick is really made in China, not in any country.

Hello Deann menow kissproof shades, review, box ingredients

It also shows in the box what are the ingredients are, you better check it out first before purchasing this. It might cause you an allergy. Also you don’t have to take out the product first just to see the colors, you can check by the small hole on the right side of the ingredients. Anyways you can see the number shades at the top of the box, in my case I always open the box at the bottom, so I won’t cut off the seal.

Hello Deann menow kissproof shades, review, box tip

So this is the tip of the lipstick, as you can see it’s like a big pencil, also you have to sharpen the tip once it worn out. Anyways the sharpener is not free, you have to buy it as well. The color of each shade are also placed on each end of the product, hence the cover of the lipstick.

Hello Deann menow kissproof shades, review, manual

On each boxes there’s this small paper when you can read, what it is about and how to use it.

So it claims that these are kissproof so for the sake of this review, PLEASE PLEASE! Don’t judge me when you see my video. This is my first time doing a video, and I think I will never do it again, plus my English accent is not that great that’s why I don’t talk too much and yes I’m not confidently beautiful with a heart when I talk in English Hahaha! So please bear with me!

Anyways I just used my laptop’s webcam.

So let’s ready to check the swatches! (click the photo to enlarge, it opens on a new tab)

Hello Deann menow kissproof shades, review, swatches 1-9

Hello Deann menow kissproof shades, review, swatches 10-19

So nagsawa ba kayo sa mukha ko? Dahil ako, oo! Haha!

Closer look.

Hello Deann menow kissproof shades, review, swatches closer lips 1-19

I’m really sorry about the overall watermarks, but since there are many sellers of these lipstick, they just grab and grab and they even put their Instagram username and claim it as theirs. So I’m just being careful haha!

Deann says:

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At the end of the day I really love to test out products, when I got these first I was really impressed when I apply it.

It was really creamy and I don’t have problems applying it except the shade 4 and 19 which are really really patchy when you apply it! Between those 2, shade #19 is the hardest one to apply, because when you apply and keeps on gliding on to your lips you will notice that it doesn’t fill your lips, instead, it will get the product off your lips and its takes forever, if you check #19 photo you can actually see my bare lips.

So which shades are hard enough to apply?
My say is, the loud shades we have, you have to fill your whole lips or else you will look like dumb.

Shades that are my favorites
Nude – 5, 6, 8
Pink – 2, 16
Red – 3, 11, 12
Orange – 10

All shades are creamy when you apply it, my take on this is that you have to be fast on applying because in just 30seconds this lipstick dries.

Also since this is a MATTE lipstick, it will tend to dry your lips, so don’t be a pabebe and tell other people that this lipstick is not GREAT/GOOD. Please remember if it doesn’t work for you, it might work for someone else. Also we have different skin types so I’m telling in advance that my skintone is warm-NEUTRAL.

For your lips to be healthy, DRINK A LOT OF WATER, and when you brush your teeth, brush your lips as well.

My lips are well moisturized and I don’t have any problems on applying Menow Kissproof.

Another say is, I don’t use any lip balm or any lip moisturizer, I just apply it directly. I tried applying lip balm, but the lipstick became sticky when I apply, so that’s a big no no for me. Well again, if it doesn’t work for me, it might work for you. Uhm vice versa. 😀


  • Last long up to 5hours
  • Can be easily wipe off after 4-5hours
  • Cheap
  • Great colors
  • Creamy
  • Kissproof
  • Waterproof


  • This might not work to people who have DRY AND CHAPPED LIPS
  • Needs to sharpen
  • Some shades become patchy after 3hours
  • When you eat, it fades away and you have to reapply again (well happens to any lipstick)

So where to buy this? It’s actually all over the area, but I love to help you get these babies!

I’ am selling them at a very affordable price.

I just bought this straight from China! I ordered these last Thursday, the supplier shipped it out on Friday and I got it earlier. I’m happy! But I’m not happy with the TAX I paid! Haha!

menow kissproof for sale

Menow Kissproof Price: P150.00
Menow Kissproof Sharpener: P35.00
Shipping: MM-40 / Provincial-100

If you like to send an order please message me through Facebook!

So tell me what colors you liked to try? Don’t hesitate to comment below, I love to answer your questions! 🙂

Update 5/19/2016

Menow Kissproof price: P120.00
Sharpener – P35.00
Shipping: MM-50-80 / Provincial- 100-150

For those who are asking if they can use my photos? The answer is YES.

If you still wanted to order, may I remind you that these are for preorder.

If you are interested to get these from me. Please submit an order thru order form. May I remind you guys that once you sent an order form, it is considered SOLD! No cancellation. I will be only giving you 3 days to pay. You can pay me thru BPI, Cebuana, Palawan, LBC.

Update – 5/25/2016 – I fixed the order form, it seems that I didn’t get any of your information. And not everyone is checking their Email Addresses often. So please send a message via Facebook.

Update – 7/14/2017 – I’m no longer selling these!