Making a new start!

What’s up guys. Thank you for commenting to my previous post!

Well, I’m making a new start with my life. I decided to continue being an IT student in AMA Caloocan (no hesitations or whatsoever) and I will continue it this year! I’m getting old ya know. I remember when I watch Storyline from ABS-CBN late at night. I was really inspired, the story is an old woman who is no read, no right and she’s 65 years old already. Because of poverty, at 14 years old she decided to get married. And with the help of an ALS teacher, those who want to read and write can learn from him/her. I was stunned by that moment and decided that I really need to finish my studies. I don’t want to end up like that. Being an old lady, no one whose taking care of her and you know nothing..

Then I talked again with my niepao, I said I really need to finish my studies, I’m already 22. And I said to him, you should finish yours too. In the future I don’t want to rely on our business.. Anytime soon, my sister will come home and I don’t want her to mess up with my life.

Moving on, as you can see I made a new layout. With 3 columns, 1 for the post and 2 sidebars. I’m still thinking if I would go back on WordPress. I’m still confused on Tumblr codes. Specially how to get rid of Disqus codes on Statics Pages. Good thing I made this new layout, because the past layout I made, some echusera ask Anne that I copied her Web Layout. trololols for that. 😛
And thanks Anne for answering her right! XD I idolize Anne ever since, when she was using before. And I really really really like her works! Who’s with me? Haha. Well I bet I know you, who cares dear. Haters gonna hate! 🙂

Decided to put a Links Page! If you want to exchange links with me just leave a message!

And of course a photo of my son when he was 10 months old. 🙂

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