I’m Back!

OMG it’s been a month? I’ve been MIA ever since my sister came from abroad. Everyday we always go outside and buy some things she needed. Then this happy girl receives her parcel last June 22! That day was also our Anniversary. So I think this will be a long post, I hope you read it. 😛

Many things happened. But I won’t elaborate that much because I’m not happy especially with my mom. Some of you may know. 🙂

Let’s bullet my story. 😛

  • June 22, I received the parcel from my sponsor Uniqso and my beanies which I bought from Ebay!
  • Beanies! In Coffee and Beige. 🙂

    Uniqso GEO Super Angel Brown – XCM214

    On that day also me and niepao planned a date, we go to Yakimix and spend 2 hours eating nonstop, it was our first time even though its 640php per head we still get our ass inside and try their delicious food! It was fantastic!

    And this day too! Where it was my first time to join a Photo Liking Contest. On my favorite MMO Game called Cabal PH.

    Please do like and share! The contest will end on July 9. 🙂 Click the photo.

  • June 23 – It was my sister’s Despidida here in our house she was on my neighbor’s house and spend some drinks with her barkada. 🙂
  • June 24 – The day she’ll be leaving our hometown again and to get back in reality.
  • June 25 – The day when my niepao’s earphone was missing inside our room, would you believe that? The culprit was my mom, srsly. 🙂
  • I forgot the other things happened within the past few days, btw I’m happy that I’ll be receiving again 2 pairs of eyeglasses from Firmoo! Gahhd they’re so kind! The one is for me and the other one is for my niepao, he told me that he’s having difficulties seeing the text on their blackboard. XD
    I’m happy too that our business is going strong ever since I decreased the price per hour from 15pesos to 12pesos and 8pesos for 30mins, 100pesos for 10hrs. 🙂 I’m glad that I can pay the bills in time again, I miss that! Thank you so much my dear sister!!!

    Btw, I’m thinking of selling the beanies for affordable price the beanies are soft, very elegant to wear! Will have a review on it, til my next post. 😛

    And please pray for my Tita Dina Tuazon on Canada she has Colon Cancer I pity her because when she was young she got Ovarian Cancer then she can’t have a child and because of that her husband left her. She already gain strength from her cancer before. But this time it shocked us when they told us about her state. This time it’s Colon Cancer.. I really love her I remember she came home last January. I don’t know why the hell this happening to her, she’s so kind. 🙁

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  • Reply Karen Borja ❥ July 4, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    I miss getting parcels. Haha. Poorita much!
    Masarap ba sa Yakimix? Wow ha. PHP640/head? As in, fix yan? Hmm.. I’ll add that to my list.
    Waaah! Cabal. I want to try that. Kaso naman napaka-bulok ng PC namin. Pwede kaya sa netbook ko? RAN online lang meron ako since 2007 pa. Haha.

    Will include your Tita to my prayers. Ang sad no? Kung sino pa ang mabait, sila pa nagkakasakit ng malubha. 🙁 Hay.

    Btw, welcome back from your hiatus! 😀

  • Reply Shugah Pauline G. July 4, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    So i seriously dont know how to comment here using name/url haha im using my fb instead. anyway.. how do you guys get free stuff from cutey, firmoo and uniqso? im jealous! haha glad you are now back on track! happy blogging!

  • Reply Ayei Bithao July 4, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    awww I feel bad for your Tita but I will pray for her…she deserve to live a happy life with or without a husband…. ANYWAY KAYA PALA HIND KITA MARAMDAMAN kasi busy ka pala AHAHAHAHA I MISSSS U TEH!!!! dami ginawa busying busy ang lola…wow YAKIMIX ang sarap dyan!!!!!!!! like so sulit kahit na pricey pero masarap ang food kaya bet na bet na!! <3 and wow beanies i want one too how much yan bebs??? and cool you got freebies that is so nice..good for you dear <3

  • Reply Rhea Bue July 4, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    yey! so great to have you back sis! pansin ko nga na nawala ka for a while sa blogging world. ehehehe 😀 do a review on those lenses sis! 😀 I miss doing circle lens review… hehehe.. kaya ngayon inuunti-unti ko na rin ang pag popost ulit ng product reviews.. hihiihihi.. 😀 todo blogging na rin kase tapos na board exam namin. nyahahahaha.. 😀 anyway, good luck on that photo like contest! mua! :-*

  • Reply Bella Morcen July 5, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I wanna eat at Yakimix again!


  • Reply Lhyzie Bongon July 5, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    kainggit! haha.
    buti natanggap mo na lens mo. ako waley pa.

  • Reply Dhadha July 5, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Welcome back sis! It’s great to have you back! Naku parang same lng tayo. Ilang weeks din akong MIA. Dami inaatupag sa offline world eh. Hihi. ^^

    I’ve heard from a friend who’s in Manila, masarap daw talga dyan sa Yakimix. Nakita ko mga food nila dun sa photos ni friend, nakaka tulo-ng-laway promise. Haha! Naku kahit 640 per head eh I’m sure super worth it yung food + experience. 🙂

  • Reply Lori June 10, 2013 at 9:51 am

    I’ll include your Tita to my prayers. I love Beanies!

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