How To Register

Here’s how to register on, if you have this page, means this page is exclusive for my referrals only. Do not distribute this to anyone, who’s not under my referral. Thanks!

Click here to register under my affiliate link.

Below is a screenshot how it looks like, it may look like you have to put many things, but it’s not really.

p.s/ please follow all the steps on the photos below.


Please pick the best username and password for your reference.


Add your website, I blurred the website I recently registered with them, just for privacy. And again follow all the things you see on this photo. (this is just a reference for the answers above, since I know a lot of you, doesn’t understand what those actually means, but since we want to register fast, let’s do it this way.)


If you will notice, there are 2 ways to make the registration faster, but this feature will be only available for US residents. If you pick our country you will only see the STANDARD APPLICATION. Again, just enter your best email for this.

p.s/ you will get a lot of email notifications from ShareASale once you joined the merchants program, so I suggest to use a dummy email if you don’t want to get flooded (but of course you have to check it too).  And that’s just once in a while, you can delete them.


Step 4 is to add your full details, you can enter any description you may like, it doesn’t need to be 240 characters. Just tell them that your website can help the merchants sell their products.

Again please follow what’s on the photo above, pick the “I don’t know what an incentive program is”

And of course verify that you own the domain!


You can pick choose later for the step 5.

After you click the Complete Sign Up, you will then be asked if you agree with the terms and conditions. After that, you will be receiving a verification email, make sure to click the link on your email, so they can check your account for approval.

And that’s it! Please let me know if you got approved already, so you can join on the list of merchants that I have. 🙂