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How Our Consumption Effects Our Look

What we eat depends on how we feel and how we look. American researcher Frank Lipman created a list of especially harmful and useful products for the skin. Among the latter was avocado – a nutritious product, rich in fats and proteins and in large quantities containing vitamins B and B6. Frequent use of avocados relieves the skin of dryness, acne and even dermatitis.

As you know, the presence of acne on the skin indicates various malfunctions in the body. For example, it speaks of an increased level of sugar in the blood, the presence of inflammations, metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal tract diseases, hormonal failures, and stress. But sometimes pimples appear on the skin due to malnutrition, when we begin to get involved with harmful products. For example:

Carbonated drinks

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite… Any kind of drink of this kind contains food coloring that causes irritation of the stomach and intestines. They also provoke the appearance of acne, as they reduce the level of acidity, and the body needs an alkaline medium for health. So, friends, drink water, and actively moisturize the skin. Now, there is no need to choose between matting and moisturizing creams: modern means for skin problems contain both anti-inflammatory and moisturizing components.


Sugar has a high glycemic index, which means it falls into the category of products that provoke the appearance of diabetes. It is also the culprit of acne. Dr. Lipman recommends significantly reducing sugar intake, and in this case, especially taking into account that sugar is present in food not only in its pure form. It is found in almost all foods, including bread, milk, juices, candies, nuts, popcorn, fruit, chocolate, tomato ketchup and so on. Sometimes such food provokes the appearance of rashes the next day. To quickly react to the inflammation, carry with you means for local application. Such creams and gels contain a high concentration of salicylic acid and zinc, are available in mini packs and are often supplied with roller applicators.


We used to think that pretzels and rolls affect waist sizes. It turns out that these delicious foods also cause acne. The reason for this is gluten – a protein contained in many cereals, especially in wheat, oats, barley, and rye. It is thanks to gluten that flour mixed with water turns into dough, and bread is stored for a long time, because gluten is also a preservative. By the way, it is found not only in bread, but also in sausages, frozen cutlets, and sometimes even in yogurts.


Lipman also warns that vegetable oils are harmful to your skin. True, not all, but the refined ones, because they contain trans fats. They are formed in a complex way when processing products, and when getting into the body they worsen the state of your health and provoke the appearance of acne. Therefore, stick to using olive, sesame, pumpkin and other natural oils.

In the fight against acne, decorative cosmetics will also come to the rescue. In particular, the concealer. They contain light-reflecting pigments, naturally, mask flaws, hide redness and optically smooth the skin, leveling the tone.

Healthy foods

In Lipman’s list of healthy foods are: avocados, cabbage, walnuts (or other nuts), salmon and blueberries. In addition, the doctor noted that our skin needs essential fatty acids, so it is useful to add fish oil in the menu, which will also improve the digestive system.

Of course, each of us has their own arsenal of beauty recipes, as well as their habits and taste preferences, sometimes harmful, but loved. The same goes for European girls, who are known to be some of the most beautiful women in the world, having devoted a lot of their time towards healthy eating and taking care of their skin. It’s not easy to give up tasty food. But still, proper nutrition is guaranteed to give you a shining appearance and health. Try changing your intake for a week for starters and change your diet. If you feel that you can manage to continue with it, do so, and be surprised by the results you will receive.