Happy Hearts Day!

Gahd at last! I’m back on blogging!
Last time I want to write everyday to tell the whole world what’s happening with my life. But now I’m speechless, I just type whatever it pops on my mind. Hahaha!

Well, Hello I’m Deann a former blogger since 2009 up to now, I stop blogging for 5 months, I think? Because my current host at that time doesn’t respond to my problem even if my friend mails them, so it took 5 months that my website is down. Then I lost my Page Rank 2 on this domain. 🙁

I made this layout last month, a photo draft on Photoshop then I decided to convert it yesterday, because my niepao went home to visit his friend because his mother died. But converting to Tumblr codes is tricky, because I’m not very familiar with the codes, I just understand it or else I’m in trouble. XD

Uhmm what else? Oh last time was my birthday February 06. But I didn’t celebrate it, at that time I don’t have any money with me, plus Lain’s milk is empty 3. So I think instead of celebrating it, I decided to buy Lain’s Milk and then I cooked Pininyahang Manok that night. I was so down that day, I even cried but niepao find out. hahaha. Then I asked my oldest sister to gave me some money to buy Lain’s milk. Then when I woke up I checked my account and tadaah! They gave me my birthday gift. The reason why I’m down that time because my sister didn’t give me anything. Well when my family spend their birthday they’ll give it that day. End of story, until now it’s still on my ATM account. :3

Today is Valentines Day, I hope the weather will be good! Because we are planning to go to mall with my 2 boys and spend the day like its just an ordinary day! Remember when you are with your loved ones, everyday is Valentines day! 🙂

And here it is! I hope you like my layout, well in the future I’m planning to share some of my layout with you, WordPress Themes and Tumblr Layouts as well. I’m planning to sell some of my past WordPress Layouts for a very affordable price.

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