Freakin’ Moment!

Hi! I want to blog about my life everyday. But it seems a little hard for me because of my baby boy. I can’t think what to blog when my little boy’s with me. He’s so likot na.

Today we went to SM North Edsa, it was a shocking moment for me. Because my niepao(my hunnie) suddenly wants to go to SM. Well we are really going to a Mall but not in SM. So we prepare ourselves and we finished at exactly 5PM, then call a taxi so we can reach SM very quick. As we reached SM North Edsa, we want to check Yakimix buffet but I’m too shy to ask. Haha! Then we go to foodcourt first because Lain is going to eat Jollibee spaghetti. Suddenly while I was walking my effin’ high heels were broken. I can still walk with it but I looked like I have a strain foot or whatever. After Lain finished eating. We go straight ahead to SM Deparment store looked for my replacing tsinelas. This is it.

Bought it for Php179.75. Brand: Solemate. I was about to buy other kind of sandals but Solemate don’t have box and their sandals are worth 350 pesos and up! Lol for that kind of sandals. I rather save up some money and buy a worth it and very elegant sandals or shoes or even wedges! XD

After that we go straight to SM Annex Ground Floor entered it and go inside Sakae Sushi. It’s a japanese restaurant. It’s our second time coming and will be the last actually. XD We order their buffet it’s 399 per head. Unlimited Sushi! With free Miso soup and Bottomless Iced Tea or Hot tea. Strictly no left overs! It’s on a plate with different colors. You can also eat with their other meals. And pick what’s on the plate, I believe I posted this long time ago. For the Green plate it’s 79. Pink and Red 99 pesos and Blue plate is 69 pesos. I only have 5 plates and I’m full already. I eat crab sticks and tempura. Sushi with those orange eggs on top.

After eating, Lain is crying out loud because we don’t want to let have some things inside the restau. So it’s a little bit embarrassing, he even poop, LOL. Srsly, after washing him, suddenly the floor is wet and I almost slip and I shout also, it was fast so it’s very frustrating. I said to the lady, “Basa naman yung sahig nyo.” At that time I need to go to bathroom, but the one whose cleaning suddenly close their bathroom. And that moment my tummy is not good, well I had my tummy aching. So instead of enjoying the once in a lifetime stroll. We go back home very quick. (fnck my tummy!) What are plan is, me going to buy some makeups then will go to Toy r Us beside that an arcade so Lain can play and ride those cute broom brooms!

But the cab we ride is fucking choose a route which is a very traffic route! So what do you expect with me? I know it’s embarrassing but I’m suffering already. T_______T
My niepao asked the driver to go straight C4 which is their house. But suddenly the road is closed. So we walked inside pa.. Then at last this freaking tummy is now okay. I called it a BIG BULLSHIT of my life today. I told you its once in a lifetime when my niepao is asking me out. T________T And it will be the last. huhuhuhu.. 🙁 Then we went home as soon as possible because my niepao doesn’t have any sleep, I woke him up 3AM. Hahaha!

This is my 2 boys. Meet my baby boy, he’s name is Lain Aiden. And my niepao, Ren Marjonel.

Me and my baby..

Solo picture on Taxi.

Btw I’m having a painful thumb last night and the next day, everyday. XD

It’s because of this! XD

Sorry for the long post. <3

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  • Reply Em June 11, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    So cute! :))

  • Reply Aisha Kristine Chong September 14, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Oh diba.. enjoy! :))

    Hirap ng may anak – kaya ayoko haha! Jk. Well, not now.. =))
    Ok lang yan, kht papano – enjoy naman e dba. 🙂 Treasure the moment nalang <3

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