Don’t Think! Feel!

Sorry bout the title. It just pops on my mind! The title is an ending song from one of my favorite anime, Fairytail! Sang by a group of ladies, I think they are 20 girls in the group? Hahaha, well see for yourself!

Few days ago, I had my back hurting, the next day my nape and then my head! I don’t know why, maybe because I’m so stressed out. Plus I’m not having my period since 9mos, I just got spotting sometimes. I’m not pregnant or what, I’m using contraceptive called Injectable. This is for my family planning in 3 months I won’t get any period at all. This time I’m not going to center to take another one. Well, those past few days I got easily irritated on few things. Then my 1 year old and 6mos Boy is now a Big Boy! He’s just no ordinary kid, he knows everything without even noticing. We just knew that he would actually do those things with himself. He knows how to go upstairs, climb out on his crib, he knows how to open the gate and even on the bathroom! Kids nowadays, especially a boy! X(

Well he’s still our angel, no matter what happens he’s the boss. 🙂

Another story is, my sister gave back our other computers from Cavite. At last she realized something! And now our business is really back with more than 5 computers. Thank God. 🙂
I hope we’ll rise again!

And thank you for the warm welcome! (LOL).As a token of gratitude to my 5 commentators (HAHA!). I’m posting your links here!

My first 5 commentators will be posted on my next post. I might feature those top commentators on my sidebar. Give my posts some love. (:

Thanks! —> Clint Andrew, Bebe-Doll, Twinkled Heart, Chelsie, MissyShugah.

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