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The Sunday Currently // 4

Hey guys! I’ am back for another “The Sunday Currently” post. Wow it took me almost 4 months to post again? Well a lot of things happened and I don’t like to share what happened back then. So today I’ll be posting my Sunday Currently! *drumrolls*

the sunday currently 4

The Sunday Currently // 3

the sunday currently 3

Can’t believe that my last post was 3 weeks ago! Okay I have many things to post on this blog. Like, colllective haul, reviews, unboxing. The heat is really unbearable that I’ve been in the room for almost 2 weeks!

The Sunday Currently // 2

the sunday currently 2


LISTENING – to any random songs right now, but the nursery rhymes that my son is playing, kept on playing on my head.. ~I’m a football rocker, I’m a football rocker, I’m a football rocker, and I rock at football..

The Sunday Currently // 1

The Sunday Currently 1

Lately I’m in the mood to blog, but I don’t know how to start it haha! Recently, I’ve been stumbling personal blogs. I was really happy to read those kind of blogs, and how they even manage to share what they are doing. So yes, somehow I copied one of their ways 0n how do they share a post. So I will be posting more of this in the future.