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The Impact of Studying in Prestigious Beauty Schools

The Impact of Studying in Prestigious Beauty SchoolsTo become successful in the field you want to take up, it is really essential know on where to get your credentials. But of course, aside from the fact that you can easily get such, choosing wisely where to get it is important.

Quality is one of the most necessary factors in everything. May it be a product, knowledge and education, and the like, quality is indeed one of the things people find. This goes in taking up cosmetology course. If you want to be successful in the field, you must get your degree in one of the known beauty schools in your place or country, perhaps. A school is not known in a certain place because of its name alone but as well as the quality of education they provide to their students. Thus, when you decide to get such degree, make sure to secure yourself by enrolling to one of the top beauty schools your place has.

Things to know and its advantages

How to succeed in beauty schoolThere are a lot of advantages as to why studying in one of the top schools in your place is a big factor. And one of it is upon finishing your studies here, you automatically bring the name of the school on which gives a big impact when you start to land a job.

If you are planning to study abroad, finding such schools are not that hard. You can easily get an idea through the help of beauty school directory. You can also seek for help through the ones who are particular in the place you will be moving in to, soon.

Moving on, before you decide to get your degree on a particular school, make sure to take note of the following:

    • School’s Name

– School’s name is a big factor. If you want to secure a good name, you must get your degree from good schools too.

    • Quality Education

– Competition is what leads these schools on top. Aside from the name, you must also take time to research of which schools provide excellent quality of education.

    • Connection

– The schools connection is also important. When you decide to enroll yourself to a particular school, make sure that it has good connections. Connection on wherever you go, if you bring along with you the papers of your school, you are then qualified as they are known not just in your place but anywhere else too.

To secure a good job in the future, it is also important to secure your education from a reliable school in which won’t just give you good name but also leads you to success with its quality of education and connection it provides.

How To Transfer WordPress Blog to Another Web Host

Hi guys! So here’s another how to post. I’ve been asking a lot about this, and since it’s very tiring to say it on chats over and over. I’ll just post a step by step, this is actually a mix of what I’ve learned and a post about this as well. But I forgot what is that website. So because of my curiosity and my instinct. I think this is the fastest way on how you transfer to another Web Host.

Please be guided and always make READING a habit! This is the most important thing, when you read, you understand.

So what are the things you need? You need to have your files, one is your Sql Database, second is the wp-content.

  1. SQL Database – where your blog posts are located
  2. wp-content – all your photos, themes and plugins

Ok where do we find this? On this tutorial, I will be moving my other blog which is and it’s currently hosted on

Go to your current host cPanel and get these two files. Sql Database and wp-content.

How to get SQL Database? (refer to the photos below)

  1. Click the Backup
  2. Pick on the right side > MySQL Databases
  3. Get your database. (On this make sure which database you are going to get, advisable for those who have a lot of blogs to transfer, if you only have one blog you don’t have to do this) If you are not sure how, go to File Manager > Document Root for ( and right click the wp-config.php file, and click Edit. From there you will see what’s the database name, user and password. (Refer to B photo)

Ahow to get sql database
Bhow to get database name


How to get WP-Content (refer to the photos below)

  • Same goes on how you get your database name. You must Compress the folder called wp-content, wait for it until it finishes compressing and DOWNLOAD it. (this may take long, especially if you have a lot of photos uploaded on your host) this is why this post will help you, click here to read How To Start Blogging.


how to get wp-content

After this, let’s go now to your new host cPanel.

I will be transferring to my current host which is Ok so let’s start again!

  1. Be sure that you already added the Domain on your new host. Just go to Addon Domains and add your domain there.
  2. Make a newly installed WordPress. (I think you know this somehow, e.g Softaculous, Fantastico)
    Tip: Name your database name here so you won’t be confused on the end, so you’re not confused which name was it.
  3. Go to File Manager and upload to your chosen domain root, your downloaded wp-content, (this will take long again if your wp-content is big, patience is what you need now) refer to #5 if it’s not done uploading
  4. After uploading, delete first the folder existing. The logic here is to overwrite the newly installed wp-content with your files, so make sure you extract the zip file. 🙂
  5. Go back to cPanel, and find the phpMyAdmin it’s beside the MySQLDatabases and click it
    Tip: This is very tricky, when you installed WordPress, make sure you name it by its domain name. Like for this, I installed WordPress through Softaculous, I made a personal name for the database of, I put the name as CHIMI. It will be named as deann_chimi (this is the database name now). Where did this deann from? This is the username of my cPanel account.
  6. Click the database name of the newly installed WordPress, be sure that its the one, and click IMPORT (refer to A photo)
  7. Browse the database file you’ve downloaded from the the old host and click ok. Uncheck the box below (refer to B photo)
  8. Just wait for it until it finishes importing and it will tell you that the Import has been successfully finished and how many queries executed.
  9. And you are done!
  10. And oh be sure to change the nameservers of your domain to your new host! So you can see it in action! 😛

Aphpmyadmin overwrite database
Buploading the database on phpmyadmin


  • Be sure that when you made a new WordPress installation, type the same USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Go to Permalinks and set it to default first and save it, why? (Because all your posts will be 404 error) And then just pick whichever permalink structure you have. I suggest to use the Custom Structure /%postname%.html
  • Lastly, don’t forget to remove the WordPress Installation on your old host. 🙂

So tell me! If you find this tutorial helpful. I think this is the fastest way of transferring, because the other way I know is complicated. That you have to save the database name and password and you have to manually made a database file itself through SQL Databases! I know that one is very complicated, because I’ve been there. Lol. So luckily I’ve found a way haha!

If you have questions about this, you can comment below and I will answer it. 🙂


How To Start Blogging?

how to start blogging

If I remember correctly, I always get messages on how to start blogging. And I just told them the easiest way. I also remember someone asked me through my contact form, on how do I get sponsors, that she also wanted to have free stuff. I told her, “You blog because you want to, not because of the free stuff that the sponsors give.”

I saw numerous of people now, starting their own blogs. I was like, “Geez, don’t blog because of the things we bloggers get from sponsors, this is the fruits of our hard work.” I told the girl who messaged me that it’s not good to blog only the free stuff you got, you have to buy yours too. I’ve been blogging for 6 years now and blogging helped me a lot, I can’t imagine not doing what I love. So yeah, it’s just my two cents, if you want or you’re curious, don’t hesitate to ask!

Let’s move ahead to the question, “How To Start Blogging?”

Well first of all, Blog is like your Online Diary! Remember that! Do whatever you like to post!

First things first
1. You have to decide which platform you are going to use!


Ok so below, I will explain what are these, but first let’s do the easy ones.

  1. – Well Tumblr was basically a photo blog, I remember all I do is to reblog! Lol. And later on many users use Tumblr. If you want to use Tumblr its very easy, just signup and you can start posting! There’s also a lot of free themes you can use! But Tumblr is not good with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it may take a while(long) before Google recognizes your blog, because Google hates Tumblr, because of the Reblog feature. Google thinks that its a SPAM when people reblog. And the content gets multiplied.
  2. – Well this one is like Tumblr too! It’s free and its partnered with Google, setting up an Adsense account is easy! (I think?) And you can use free templates too! Totally free! Since is partnered with Google, your blog can easily get indexed in just 24 hours! 🙂
  3. – Well it’s WordPress! Unlike the other two, you can’t use a customized theme here. You can only use themes that are available on the Theme’s page. And has a lot of features unlike Tumblr and Blogger. Talking about plugins!
  4. – This is a self-hosted blog. If you have money to spend, I recommend using the self-hosted one for you. Believe me, way better than the others! The things you need, if you want to start a self-hosted blog are:
    • Domain
    • Web Host

You can do whatever you want on this self-hosted blog. You can use sub-domains since you have your own host. Add you own email address (e.g Their dashboard is just the same as What’s best about WordPress is that you can SEO Optimize a blog.

2. Domain Name – Well as for the 3 platforms Tumblr, Blogger and, if you don’t have moolah to spend, you can still use them with your name like:


Unlike the self-hosted blog you really need to purchase a domain and a web hosting. And by the time comes, if you have moolah then you can buy the domain name you want! $10/yearly is not bad at all, I recommend buying it at Namecheap since they have free Whois guard, (so when people search your domain name on your domain info is protected)

3. Web Hosting – This only applies to since the other 3 platforms have their own servers.

So what to look for a web hosting provider?

  1. No downtime must be 99.999% up all the time! (You wouldn’t want your blog to be down, am I right?)
  2. Chat Support – You need this especially if you got problems on your blog. (e.g. Error database, bandwidth exceeded, 404, index of/ etc..)
  3. CHEAP! Should I explain?
  4. The package features: these are the things you should look for!
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • cPanel

What is Unlimited Space? – Basically this is where you will store all of you files (e.g. photos, plugins, other stuff you want to save)

What is Unmetered Bandwidth? – Bandwidth is what you need. This is the allocated space for your blog let’s say, you have only 2gb bandwidth for every month. If the 2gb consumes for about 2 weeks, you will get an error” Bandwidth Exceeded”. And your readers will get the error as well. It will reset only after the month ends!

What are the factors that cause your bandwidth to exceed the space you have?

  • Photos/Images on your blog especially if you upload them to your host.
  • Heavy traffic on your blog.

Question: What should I do to avoid it?

Even if you have an unmetered bandwidth that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get the error! You might get suspended if your host detects too much traffic on your blog. (e.g. you might affect the other users on their server)

Tip: So what to do?

Upload your photos on an image hosting website, so it won’t eat too much bandwidth on your end. (This is very advisable to all blogs that gets a heavy traffic, if you know what I mean.)

Question: Where can I host my images?

I suggest to upload them to they have 1 Terabyte space for free users!

So I think that’s it! I didn’t notice my post to be this long! I actually want to share more but maybe on the next post, I guess?

Here’s quick link for you!

So thanks for reading my long post! I missed writing post like this. I think I will be sharing more in the future. If you ever need help, don’t hesitate to message me and I will love to help! 🙂 Just click below, find me hanging out on Facebook! 😛