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RECENT WORK: Call Me Kristine

Okay, so I’ve been MIA for a month! Wow! Well at least I did some blog makeover while I’m gone, hihi. Well to be honest, I have nothing to say nor to update about meself. I just can’t wait for this month to be over. New things will come to our lives. 🙂 is our current blog makeover. I have previous works besides this, but let me share this first, I think I have made 2, one blogger template and one WordPress theme.


RECENT WORK: Arbie Laoque

Hey guys, here’s another blog design I made. People are now into minimal things these days. Having the minimal look gives you the clean feel. And of course it’s very easy to browse and for sure your blog home will load much faster. 🙂

My client for today, I really don’t know her, she added me on Facebook and she messaged me about that she wanted to start blogging. Then I asked her, what platform she would like to use, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress. Then she decided to go with WordPress. Take note, it’s the self-hosted one. 🙂 She bought a 3 year hosting plan on HostGator, with the help of a 55% OFF code. 🙂

Anyways let me show you what I’ve come up with this design. She gave me enough details for me to start her design.


Recent Work: Kimpossibly Gorgeous

I thought I will be updating this blog too. Haha! Things are a little different, now that I’ve realized some things again, especially with blogging. I read a post from a blogger, that somehow she fell out of love with Blogging. Because of so many people now doing, hashtag Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle. And she has some point there, the blogging I was very curious about, ever since the day I was into Web Design, is now gone. Long gone.

Now that people are joining the blogging community, you will see most of these people now. Haha! Just like my friend said “Porke nakapagreview ng beauty product, Beauty Blogger na agad? Hindi ba pwedeng nakikiuso lang? :)))”

Anyways, heads up! From now on, I will be sharing my Web Design works here on this blog. Not sure if I’m going to do a Portfolio, because I’ am so lazy to do that (been telling myself that since 2013). So I’ve decided to post it here and put it a category called “Blog Design”. Or maybe I can change it in the future.

Drum roll please…


Meanwhile me and other bebigerls had a nonstop talk on our Group(Secret group on FB, now it’s not a secret, I’m talking about the visibility, LOL). Nuf said, then Aisha got a problem on her website theme. So I helped her nonstop hahahaha! Coz she was like crazy and I got septic. Then she wants the 2 column sidebar. Then I teased her, “Utuin mo muna ko beb yung maganda.” Then there it goes, I made a design which is not a design at all. HAHAHA! I just love font designs so I made it just like that. I used Bebi Mica’s logo on her nail design websites, for the colors. So it gets PINK and VIOLET. So the screenshot is here.

I was really excited to put the theme on Aisha’s website, so I asked her what’s her user and pw. Then yesterday night, I tweaked some codes again, even the Vertical Navigation, first I used 2 css type for the navigation but it’s really frustrating, so luckily today I chose to use jQuery and finally it’s now okay. I manage to add Post-Thumbnails too. Well tutorials and tips are really helpful, so don’t be lazy to read. 😛

The social icons are just a single image. Ever wonder how did I do that? Answer it! 😛
Sidebar is widget-ready. Suddenly Aisha doesn’t get used to it, I was like it’s widget-ready! Why u still editing on sidebar.php! hahahahahaha!
I even add an About-Author on each of her post. That’s a plugin! And it’s very easy to use. I might teach you how to do it. 😛
I made a banner also. How does it look like? You better visit her website now! AISHAKRISTINE.COM
And tell me how her website looks! 😛

Next Blog Makeover. and