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I should have make a post yesterday, but my niepao won’t let me use the server so this night I’m free! Because he’s on a reunion with his HS classmates on their house.. Lain and I stayed here because I, myself won’t do anything on their house, except for the fact that we won’t get any sleep, especially Lain who’s not comfortable without his favorite stuff toy called “Santa Baby” (a colored brown dog with a Santa Hat will take a picture next time :D).

On the other hand, I’m glad that I’ve searched the right Photoshop Action for me. I’ve been wanting to have those kind of photo effects. Now that I know how to. I really want to have a Digital Camera. I’m wanting GE Power Pro X500 (Bebi Mica told meh), it looks like a SLR camera but it’s not like those high end SLR. It’s cheaper, I think the price is 7.5k below, right now..

I wish someday I can buy that gadget. So I can take my son photos right away!
(Photos of myself below! Saaareeehhhh for the lame photos) (I just used my niepao’s phone Nokia 5233)

Lain’s photo when he was 7 months old.. 😀

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