Hi there! They call me Deann, a Blogger living in the beautiful country of Philippines. Residing at Caloocan City, I’m just a simple gal who loves to make beautiful things on earth. I’ am a mother of one super handsome child named Lain Aiden. He’s the most precious gift I’ve ever received. As a mom, I do a lot of household chores; taking care of my 2 boys is one of my responsibilities forever. They are my inspiration to move forward! That’s why I’ am giving my best on everything just for them! 🙂

I’m not a famous Web Designer like the others; it’s just my hobby to make simple and beautiful things on earth. And I’m very glad that each passing year, I’ am able to improve on this field. And of course influencers, they are my inspiration to make great designs! 🙂 I’m not humble or anything, I know I need to improve my design from amateur to Pro like designs. And I’m ready for that! I also used to manipulate photos, but only my photos heh! ;)As a Blogger, I started writing too way back 2009. I have many blogs until now, but I don’t get the chance to update them all. I’ am so lazy to update even now! But I promise to myself that I have to update them all after having this theme installed.Do you want to know me more? Then better follow me! 😛

Where did I start to make these things? It started way back 2008, when Overlay Friendster Layout is very famous and I have this friend of mine who is my inspiration until now! And then I got curious on making these layouts, I started to make a blog on Blogspot (this platform isn’t on Google hands that time, so I was able to use a Yahoo Email Address!). Then until a sub domain under WordPress gets in! I’ am really amazed with WordPress platform; I got curious and tried everything I can to make it possible! And my instincts never fail me. I manually install my WordPress on a free host, searched from Google. And a friend online helped me, she hosted my blog at her; she even gave me a domain! And that’s where I started! I keep on blog, blog, blog. Designed many layouts I used to modify before. But in 2010 I got a chance to learn how to make a design from Photoshop and then convert it to HTML/CSS then to WordPress! I’ am so happy with this learning I have when just sitting in front of computer, haha!Another side of me, did you know that I’ am a girl gamer chick? Yes yes! I used to play a lot of online games, even those offline games like, Red Alert, Battle Realms, Age of Empires, Starcraft and many more! I even played DOTA. I used to trash talk a lot haha! And also I manage a Computer Shop, it’s our family business. But now it’s losing because of the famous “Piso Net Shops”. But now I am not playing anything. Because I have a work as Virtual Assistant hired from Odesk! My work is between 9PM-6AM. So you will see me, always online. 🙂